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These pictures are from a spring sale that were taken a couple of years ago in the same space we are in now. Every sale I plan to take new pictures. As we grow, it's hard to get everything together for PreSale & take pictures too. I promise to do better this next time.

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About Us

Thought you might enjoy a little history of our sale and what makes us different from other sales.

We started our family of three stair step (two years apart) little boys later than most. From the beginning, making memories for the boys and their community was a priority just as my Mom did for me. One of my favorite quotes is: 'Children are the message we send to a time we will not see.' It was an honor being involved in Lads to Leaders, Columbia American Little League and the Duck River Cub Scouting program. The boys were students at Columbia Academy, Baker, Whithorne and Central High School. It was a pleasure to raise children in Columbia.

So being a 'stay-at-home' mom was the choice, even though this choice involves being on an extremely tight budget. Early on one of the ways to help with the family expenses was to go to yard sales. We received many compliments on how cute the boys looked. I was proud of my finds, so out it came in the nursery at church: 'I only paid a couple of dollars for that.' Generally the response was: 'Can you look for my children?' Next thing I knew I was shopping for more than a dozen children. Soon I just started buying good deals and then figured out who could wear it later.

After a couple of years of yards sales, I stopped by a home consignment sale 'far, far away' and was really disappointed in the quality, selection and prices. The thought came that we could start a sale with our finds and a few friends while offering a really beneficial service for our community. The name for the sale came from the treasure hunt we went on every weekend at the yard sales. So that's how Children's Treasure was started in 1996.

We spent some time researching how other sales worked. We listened to comments about other sales and even talked to owners of sales in Nashville to get their spin on how this new 'business' should be run. We knew we wanted to stay competitive for the long haul and that we wanted to be more about the consigners and our relatively small town of Columbia. It was easy to figure out how to set ourselves apart from the pack. We simply put the consignors first. We do not use a barter system. We put our efforts year round into buying quality items to put into the sale for you.

In our sale, we have workers which are in essences partners. They get 100% of what they sell. What this does is boost the quality of the sale by having 20 plus people committed to padding our sell with quality items. They are experienced and vested in providing an excellent experience for you, their customers.

Other sales use volunteers who are compensated by shopping early in various pre-sales that correlate to hours worked. What this does is two things. One, the selection is seriously depleted before the consignor pre-sale and two, the owners loose no money on sales. This barter system is carried over into services as well. If a service (i.e., advertising, fixtures...) is rendered, then shopping before the consignors is the pay back.

We choose to make the sale about you and not us. It's just more fun that way. We love to see really great things in the sale for you. .

You may be a long time participant if you remember:

Children's Treasure Sale
Children's Treasure Sale
Children's Treasure Sale
We weren't allowed to call consignors, consignors. The City said we had to call them participants.

One of the first sales when Greymere church of Christ had the marriage enrichment seminar the Saturday of the sale. We had a little time on our hands.

A different sale at the house. Straight line winds took down the signs and the steeple off Greymere church of Christ.

Chinese food, sorting clothes in the front yard and Carey - not a good mix.

The Thursday night pre-sale in the rain at our house. It was a really cold rain. The rest of the weekend was supposed to be pretty so went ahead with the pre-sale thinking our numbers would be down; but we would make it up during the rest of the weekend. We were wrong - everyone came in the rain just the same. We had the boy's stuff in the house. Girls in the garage and shoes on the back porch. Do you know it was one of our best pre-sales of the time?

Of course, first day of drop off on 9/11 at the Armory. Standing in the racks while my husband told me the Pentagon had just been hit. Being at the Armory when they lowered the flag to half mast. We made it through the sale and all the way to 'ready for pick-up' when we had to evacuate the building because there had been a bomb threat to an Armory north of Nashville. The level of security elevated to armed guards and searches. We loaded up Bob's Shoes' truck and moved everything to my front yard. Everyone started calling each other to come and pick up at the house. On the last run from the Armory, the breaks went out on the truck and my husband and brother were yelling out of the truck to move everyone out of the way so they could land the truck in the side yard where it stayed for months. My brother still refers to that sale as the one we 'moved the elephant.'

Pricing clothes in the parking lot while middle son's Little League team played in the Regionals in Florida. Flew home morning of drop off and missed the last couple of games. That's why we're last in the fall.

The time I set off the alarm at Grand Slam and it could be heard all the way to my house, the park, hospital and Central. Oops! Glad Mickey couldn't hear it in Mt. Pleasant.

We moved to Grand Slam, then old Goody's in the mall, then True Value and then back to the Goody's in the mall. Really not bad for 17 years.

Children's Treasure Sale
Children's Treasure Sale
Children's Treasure Sale

The people connected with Children's Treasure have been like a family. We have shared life's ups and downs as the years unfold. We have watched a generation grow up and new ones start the journey. We have a bond that reaches into the community we love. We want you to know that we have considered it a privilege to serve and be a part of a Columbia tradition since 1996. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.
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